About Famore Cutlery

Scissors Man at your service!

Specialty Product Sales, Inc. is proud to introduce our newest line of professional precision tools, Famore Cutlery! Designed for industrial and domestic users! When you are serious about your sewing and crafting you should be serious about your cutting instruments as well. Famore brand scissors and shears start from the finest grade of steel, which is hot forged, then inspected by cutlery artisians to meet exact quality standards. The end result is a scissors of uncompromising quality and craftsmanship, that will bring you a lifetime of cutting pleasure.

These are the steps we take to insure our tools have the reliability and performance you expect:

1. Steel Quality Inspection
2. Hot Forging
3. Hand Drilling
4. Hand Grinding
5. Heat Treatment Hardening
6. Hand Polishing
7. Steel Preservation
8. Inspection
9. Final Machine Finishing
10. Ultra Sonic Cleaning
11. Laser Stamping
12. Final Inspection
13. Packaging
14. Shipping

Due to recommendations by the industry's top Sewing, Quilting, embroidery and home décor educators, we have engineered these tools to be of the very best available. Now you can use the same tools the pros use -- Famore brand cutlery.

Scissors Man