Famore Cutlery Crafting Scissors and Tools


Famore Cutlery is not just in the business of cutting fabrics. Famore Scissors have been created to cut through a huge variety of materials. Many of our wonderful customers have taken the plunge and tested our scissors on materials other than fabric.

Famore scissors and tools can be used for jewelry making, bead work, scrapbooking, hot fixed crystals, paper art, and more.


The Famore brand has developed a wide collection of crafting scissors, heavy duty shears, fine pointed scissors, thread snips, and craft scissors with soft large comfort handles.


Famore Crafting Scissors & Shears can cut lightweight fabric including silk without fabric slippage on the blades or cut multi-layers of fleece, denim, cotton and polyblend fabrics.

Our Crafting scissors made out of high grade German steel to ensure a precise cutting experience.


Make sure you pick up a Famore brand tool and craft smarter not harder!



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