Embroidery Scissors by Famore Cutlery


Famore Cutlery’s Embroidery Scissors have been carefully hand crafted and designed to be an extension of an artist’s hands.

  Famore Cutlery offers a wide range and styles of scissors. You will find among our scissors, styles with bent handles for any in the hoop work. Snips are great for trimming away those pesky threads. Famore branded curved scissors add an extra level of protection to your projects by keeping the extra sharps points away from the fabric itself.

Our sleek and stylish array of Stork scissors, Micro Tip scissors, Classic & Vintage Style scissors, Double Bent scissors, Gold Handled & Fine Tipped scissors, allows fine cutting you can see and feel.

Our scissors are developed to be great to work with, providing comfort after hours of extended use. Sturdy and strong to the very tip, and extremely sharp.


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