Magnifiers & Lights

Magnifiers & Lights



Famore’s Magnifiers & Lights are durable, adjustable, and many are mobile

Famore Cutlery believes in quality products for all of our crafters and hobbyist. We carry Craftlite magnifier/lights because of their quality and longevity. Our magnifiers come in a wide range of look and styles. Famore Cutlery’s main objective in carrying magnifier lights is to give our amazing customers who need a little more light or magnification to complete their projects. Our adjustable Magnifiers & Lights are a great choice for a wide range of projects, such as arts & crafts, sewing and much more!
Especially for getting up close for your embroidery projects.

Time to illuminate your projects and get your view up close on those important details

Get a close-up, hands-free view of your crafting projects with this wide selection of magnifiers, magnifying lamps (both table top & floor standing), and easy to use and maintain clip-on LED magnifier lights.

Our magnifiers & lights give you the ability to work in detail like never before,

Enjoy seeing more clearly for your Sewing, Quilting, Appliqué and Embroidery projects.

Ideal for:
needlework, quilting & embroidery, appliqué, hobbies, crafts, models, jewelry, engineering, electronics and more!


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