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At a recent meeting of my quilt guild, KISS Quilt Guild of Copley Ohio, Janice Stevens gave a talk about scissors, shears and snips. I was the lucky winner of a random drawing  held at the end of her talk.  My gift was an 8”pair of Famore Shears.  I am so excited and pleased.  I know these will become favorites in my sewing studio.  They feel so comfortable in my hand and are so sharp. Thank you so much for this donation to our guild

I have been a loyal customer to the “G” brand for over 20 years.  I recently went to a quilt guild meeting and had a special guest Sharon Schamber teaching.  She uses your item 732 which I believe everyone in the guild bought.  I was particularly impressed with the handle of the scissors, it is very comfortable and the cut is so clean and smooth.  Since we had that meeting I have purchased six other styles of your brand from my quilt shop and I am hooked.  I am quickly replacing all my scissors with your brand.  Thank you for producing an excellent quality product at such affordable prices.  I sent a pair in for you to repair and thought I would have to buy a new pair, but you called me and said it was repaired and sent it back to me the same week.  When I got it back it was as good as new! It is such a pleasure to work with such a great company that still believes in customer service and stands behind the product you build.    

Sincerely your new fan,

Nora S.

Can not say enough about the scissors you talked me in to buying.  Until I met you I had not heard of Famore, but your knowledge and passion was extremely helpful.  I bought several of your scissors and a couple of tweezers, and let me tell you, EVERY THING you said was true.  I do extremely delicate embroidery and your mirco-tip scissors are out of this world for cutting my tiny stitches.  Thank you for producing supiour quality products and excellent customer service, you have a new customer for life.

Warm Regards,

Alex J

I know you see lots of people, but I am the guy my wife drug along to the Sewing Expo here in Cleveland.  Being not much of a sewer I felt like a "fish out of water"!  I came across your booth and got intrigued at all the product you produce.  I picked up the micro tip scissors and was looking at the points, you came up and said "fly fishing" was it that obviouse I did not know one thing about quilting or sewing!  I replyed yes, and you told me hands down that was the item to have.  I took my trip of a lifetime to Alaska for a 7 day fly fishing trip which was amazing, and so are your scissors.  I have told everyone about them. I am coming back to have you touch them up for me! Your the only reason I want to come back. 



'I'm one of the lucky winners of the AQS society block buffet prize drawing. I received a half dozen pair of scissors from you--What a wonderful prize! Thank you very much! Your generosity is overwhelming! "

Anabeth D.

"I received my rag quilt snips last week and have had opportunity to use them several times. Please let me tell you that "hands down" these are the very best rag quilt snips I have ever used for this application! Their performance has exceeded my expectations and I am a very satisfied customer! These rag quilt snips cut my work time almost in half, as they do indeed cut through the layers of fabric and batting, where other snips fail. I can not sing their praises enough and am volunteering to be your new "poster child" of rag quilt snips to get the word out! What a wonderful pair of rag quilt snips!!


"I brought my scissors to the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo in Worcester.  After three days of watching the ladies swoon over the "scissors man" I decided to take the plunge and see if he could fix my collection.  I took three pairs of scissors for sharpening, one of which NEVER cut properly.  I left with a new pair of Famore pinking shears that are without a doubt the best pinking shears I have ever used.  Both gentlemen were curtious and funny and knowledgeable.  Thank you again!!!"

M Faria

Brint, the lamp arrived this afternoon, wrapped securely in its cocoon.  (And I truly did laugh when I saw it.)

 It's attached to the table and glowing brightly.  I will be able to needlepoint with black thread now--I won't have to sit in the back yard at high noon to see the canvas.

 Thanks so very much.  I'll come by and thank you again next year at the quilt show

Amy M.

I took a class with Sharon Schamber who promotes your 732 scissors, let me tell you, the best scissors I have ever used.  Just completed my project and what a pleasure to use such fine quality. 

Thank you


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