Famore's Left-Handed Scissors Have Arrived

Famore's Custom Left Handed Sewing Scissors Have Arrived!

LeftHanded Scissors

Finally, precision detail cutting for the Left Handed artist.

Learn about our NEW Left-Handed Scissors and Why it's about your line of sight as much as which hand you use.

There’s no denying it. Left-handers are the odd ones out. Sure, lefties make up about 10 percent of the population — but, frankly, it seems like our industry has forgotten all about our left-handed friends. Just consider all of the right-handed gadgets, awkwardly designed desks, and crafting tools like, Scissors & Shears that fit comfortably only in your right hand.
Well, we might not be able to help with all of those things but we CAN help with the Scissors & Shears.

Which side of the anvil blade of your shears rests can create a huge disadvantage for someone looking from the wrong side .. especially trying to follow the drawn lines when doing detailed work, like, quilting and sewing in the fashion design & the needle arts world. What causes someone to become a southpaw? Scientists aren’t exactly sure, but research points to a complex collaboration between genes and environment. 

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Avoid Eyestrain While You Enjoy Your Craft

If you enjoy sewing, crafting, needlepoint, embroidery, weaving, or applique, you may notice eyestrain, headaches or failing eyesight.  If you dread giving up your hobby because you are noticing eyestrain, read on, this article is for you.

If you notice that after working on your current creation you have a headache or aching eyes, this may be due to overworking your eyes, or eyestrain.  Close work is often associated with eyestrain and other eye problems.  However with proper lighting and magnification, eyestrain can easily be minimized.  As a disclaimer, we are not doctors at Famore Cutlery, and if you suffer from eyestrain, we highly recommend that you get your eyes tested by a qualified optician even if you wear glasses. Regular eye tests will catch and correct minor changes in your vision and reduce the instance of long-term vision problems due to close work.

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