How to use applique scissors for holiday projects

Applique scissors make the precise process of cutting around applique objects easier. Applique refers to sewing or ironing pieces of fabric on top of each other to create a textured, neat effect that can only be achieved by perfectly trimmed fabric layers. Fortunately, Famore has created a variety of specialty scissors that are engineered to make your holiday applique project cutting exact.

Never stab your fabric with pointy scissors again by refining your applique projects with Blunt Tip Pocket Safety Scissors!

Blunt Tip Pocket Safety Scissors

A Big Warm Thank You - October 2016

A Great Big Warm Thank You

Famore shares a warm thank you

 Learn what Famore and the Scissors Man has to say about The Original Sewing & Quilt Expo (OSQE)

  If you don’t know much about the OSQE, it’s a family-oriented business that has had great success through the years. Marlene Ingraham started the OSQE with her husband, Stan, as a silent partner. Just a year later, their son Mark joined into the business as the Director of Sales and Planning. The family of three were “committed to producing high-quality events where participants felt welcomed and comfortable, finding inspiration and motivation to enhance the personal fulfillment and self-satisfaction pursuing their sewing interests...”

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August 2016 Newsletter

Growing the sewing industry one person at a time

Famore Cutlery
August 2016 

Meeting our fellow bloggers and educators is something we at Famore are very passionate about. In fact, if you recall back in May, we 'sheared our excitement' with you in regards to our promoters and wanted to showcase them on our website! We took that as a starting point to gain more traction with bloggers and educators.

What did we do, you ask? We put on our 'big boy pants' and took on the 'blogosphere' to see who we could find. We were certain we could find people who had the same passion for the industry as we did...  

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June 24 2016 Newsletter


How cosplay is making its way into the sewing and crafting industry 
Famore Cutlery 
An international phenomenon, Cosplay, is continuously growing in popularity worldwide. The performance art is where participants — cosplayers — wear costumes to represent specific characters from anime, comic books, cartoons, video games, live-action films and television series. These cosplayers attend thousands of conventions and other events throughout the year — with the biggest in the nation being Comic-Con — where they can participate in panels, meet and greets and contests for having the best costume.

May 20, 2016 Newsletter


The lifetime award of a Quilt of Valor 

Famore Cutlery 
Although quilting may not be for everyone, the individuals of Quilts of Valor have shown that it can be for most veterans. The mission of QOV is to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor. It all began in 2003 when Catherine Roberts had the idea of creating quilts to comfort veterans, which all stemmed from her son being overseas in Iraq.


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