October 2015 Newsletter

Famore has their customers on top of their loyalty list with their brand new website

Famore Cutlery
When Brint Fanizza incorporated Famore Cutlery in 1999, he didn't think it would turn out to be what it is today. In 2001, the company acquired a factory overseas, ultimately creating the Famore Cutlery brand. Fast-forwarding to 2005, Fanizza and his team established a website to show off their products and services, ultimately making the statement that Famore Cutlery was here to stay.

July 2015 Newsletter

Sew special: Bringing a lost art back to life through charity

Famore Cutlery
It doesn't take much outside of money to become a philanthropist, but one of the biggest traits necessary is passion and most importantly, the ability to invoke it in others. It is the primary driver when executing and delivering the mission. The Boys & Girls Club of the Lower Naugatuck Valley are a prime example — dedicating their time, talent and treasure to giving back to underprivileged youth.

Scissors for Needle Arts and Crafts

Whether you are a needle art artist or passionate learner, the right scissors or tools every essential to create master piece of art. When it comes to right tool, the Famore Curved Fine Tip Large Ring Scissors (4in) must have every professional. This Scissors designed to keep in mind entire needs of your precise cutting.

Curved Fine Tip Large Ring Scissors (4in)

Item Number : 709
Famore Large Ring Fine Tip Scissors

Large Ringed Curved Blade Scissors are great for all types of your needle arts and crafts.
A great choice for industrial and domestic use.
The Large Ringed handles allow you to get in and out of the scissors quickly and easily.
Famore Curved Scissors allow safe Controlled Cuts for everything from Quilting and Embroidery, to surgical stitching, and even pet grooming.
The Curved Blades protect your projects from getting jabbed, stabbed, or snagged.
For example, you may need to carefully tease out and snip a thread without worrying about damaging the surrounding threads or the underlying fabric, in which case Famore's Curved Scissors are ideal.

As usual, our hand crafted Famore brand scissors are forged from a German grade stainless steel with razor sharp edges - assuring you a perfect & precise cut.

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