June 2015 Newsletter

Summer sewing and embroidery project ideas

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Summer is here at last, and to celebrate, why not integrate a few seasonal projects onto your to-do list? If you're still stuck in the winter doldrums and need a little bit of summery inspiration, here are a few ideas for summer sewing and embroidery projects that will crank up the heat on your crafting regime!

April 2015 Newsletter

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The new Pro Cut Soft Handle Fabric Shears

Famore Cutlery 
Emerging software and technology is affecting the sewing, quilting and embroidery industry in a wide range of different ways. For starters, recent advancements have made it possible to design equipment that is dramatically more precise and effective than ever before. Even a high quality pair of scissors from 15 years ago, for example, pales in comparison to the types of products that are available today. It is with that spirit of innovation in mind that Famoré Cutlery is proud to unveil its 8" Soft Handle Fabric Shears that bring superior power and true craftsmanship to a wide range of different purposes.


March 2015 Newsletter

Quilts For Kids on the Famore Newsletter

Linda Arye establishes Quilts for Kids philanthropic organization

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Once upon a time, Linda Arye was an interior designer who happened to notice that fabric from a design center's showroom in her area was throwing out sample fabrics by the thousands of pounds on a regular basis. As anyone with a passion for all things fashion and design would, she thought this was an unfortunate waste. When the showrooms were more than happy to give it all to her rather than to see it end up in a landfill, Linda started Quilts For Kids, Inc. as a way to re-purpose fabric and comfort children in need at the same time. While this realization does play an important role in her decision to ultimately found "Quilts for Kids," it is only part of the story.

January 2015 Newsletter

Scissors in Time - Famore Newsletter


Cutting through time: A brief history of scissors

Famore Cutlery 
Found in nearly every home in America, and most around the world as well, one ingenious hand-operated tool has helped keep us clothed, fed, employed, entertained, well-groomed and even assisted with lawn, agricultural and medical care for thousands of years. What one tool? Scissors!

Today, fine scissor makers continue to use polished steel to create scissors capable of making clean cuts on the finest silks, as well as the heaviest leathers. Even as technology takes over many of the tasks in our lives, nearly every home still contains a pair, or more, of quality scissors for sewing, crafting, and general cutting needs.

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