Sewing Scissors, You must have in your Sewing kit

If you love sewing and cutting, then having a great pair of sewing scissors is not an option, it’s a necessity. So if you love to sow but are struggling with a bad pair of scissors, here are a few great tips on how to buy the best pair of sewing scissors:

Sewing scissors are an investment.
To begin with, consider buying a great pair of scissors not as an expense but an investment. So choose them wisely and invest in the one that is user friendly and not just pocket friendly. Famore scissors is a great choice in this regard.

Go to the right place.
Sewing scissors should be bought from a place where they sell sewing equipment and accessories and certainly not from an office accessories or hardware store. Also ask for recommendation from the sales staff , friends who share your love of sewing or check online reviews for brands like Famore scissors.

See if it feels right.
Always buy sewing scissors after testing and touching them for real. Make sure they feel comfortable
in your hand and you have proper control of them. They must not feel heavy or too big in your hand.

Also make sure you remember what specific purpose you are buying them for. Different craft sewing scissors serve different purposes, so make sure you have one that serves the purpose it was bought for.

Caring for your sewing scissors.
Avoid cutting paper or other materials with your sewing scissors. Always keep them in your sewing kit, far from children so they don’t hurt themselves while using them. Never try to sharpen your scissors at home. Always get them sharpened professionally.

These were just a few of the things you need to consider when buying a great pair of sewing scissors, however if you still feel lost and confused, just log on to and find the best pair of scissors you can ever want.

What is Famore Cutlery?

Specialty Product Sales, Inc. is proud to introduce our newest line of professional precision tools with the brand name Famore Cutlery. The Famore Cutlery is the premier source of scissors, tweezers, and magnifiers exclusive to the independent stores of needle arts industry. We manufacture a wide variety of innovative quality products to assist the creative minds. Our motto "Creating quality tools for the creative minds" is what we love and strive to accomplish. We also offer a variety of services from OEM/Private labeling to scissors sharpening and reconditioning. Try our brand, love our products.

Famore Cutlery is the distributors of the extraordinary EZ Snip, EZ Stitch Snip, and the famous Micro Tip Scissors. Our professional precision tools are a perfect solution for a variety of textile arts and crafts including embroidery, tapestry, quilting, appliqué and patchwork.

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