Welcome to Famore at Dragon Con 2018

Famore is coming to Dragon Con
Welcome to our page! Thank you for taking the time to learn about Famore Cutlery and our amazing partners. We are a company built on the idea that quality tools at an affordable price are a reality. Our industry has been slow to embrace the world of Cosplay but we are not afraid to step foot into this creatives, awesome and fun space. We understand the cutting tools needed for any sewing, embroidery or general cutting project. We want to bring this wealth of knowledge and industry connections into the world of Cosplay. We were fortunate enough to attend Dragon Con in 2017 and were amazed at the size and scope of it all. Even more amazing is you, the cosplayer. Every individual brave and creative enough to create a full costume, put it on and show it off for the world to see deserves the right tools. We want to understand what you need to bring your creations to life. We have the ability to manufacture any metal tool imaginable give us a chance to learn.
Since this is our first time at Dragon Con we will be offering a 25% discount given that you have download our app.
Famore Dragon Con Booths # 3301 & 3303

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Sew Much Cosplay™ believes in better education and better products make better cosplay!  Our exclusive line of cosplay materials was developed with cosplayers in mind.  We know you want wearable, light, and easy-to-use materials to make your cosplays. From high quality EVA foams, interlinings, sewing tools, and more, you can check out the Sew Much Cosplay™ by RNK line at an independent sewing store near you.
Find us on social media @sewmuchcosplay on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Eleni Rivera 
Eleni Rivera is a young artist who diversely dabbles in multiple creative outlets. Full time she is an executive assistant for a new Sci-Fi Fox series titled “The Passage” based on the best selling novel. She’s striving to be a successful film and tv writer and producer. She spends most of her time working, writing, and creating. She’s worked on a number of projects including Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER, Tag!, A Bad Mom’s Christmas, and many more. When she’s not on set working she cosplays and streams on twitch. Eleni takes her love for film and the imaginative and puts it in cosplaying and entertainment! 

Famore Dragon Con Booths # 3301 & 3303
2018 Dragon Con will begin on
Thursday, August 30
and ends on
Monday, September 3

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