Sewing Tools

Sewing Tools



If you have been wondering where we are hiding our wonderful Famore Tweezers and tools, you have found the right place. Take time to browse our large selection of tweezers, hemostats, safety stilettos, finger lights, seam rippers and much more.

Famore Cutlery offers Seam rippers with replaceable blades along with curved or straight clamps (alligator clamps and mosquito clamps straight or curved, hemostatic forceps) used to hold thread or objects in place.

A helping 3rd hand when you need it.

Locking hemostat clamps & tweezers have proven more than useful for detailed projects, hard to reach around-the-corner stuffing, doll making and more.

Famore brand sewing tools & tweezers are useful for many needle arts & craft projects - but also for beauty supplies, pet grooming, and all types of jewelry and hobby work.

Quality sewing tools are essential for creating a successful project.

That’s why we offer such a wide range of sewing & crafting tools. Forging together hand crafted beauty & style with unique function that allows your creativity to flow. Famore even offers a Scissors Sharpening System along with scissors reconditioning services.

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