Sewing Scissors,Shears, Snips & Supplies

Sewing Scissors,Shears, Snips & Supplies

Sewing Scissors, Sewing Shears & Supplies

Sewing Scissors, Snips, and Helpful Tools by Famore Cutlery

A difference you can feel. 


   Welcome to the Famore Cutlery Sewing section. Here you will find Famore branded sewing scissors, fabric scissors, sewing shears and sewing tools. Famore sewing scissors are among the best in the industry, made with high grade German or Japanese stainless steel, and rigorous quality control measures make our scissors stand above the crowd. We pride ourselves on offering high quality long lasting scissors and shears for an affordable price.


Our best sewing scissors and shears are meticulously designed and hand crafted for fine cutting of all types of fabrics and perfect for a wide range of sewing & quilting needs. Come browse our Famore sewing section and choose a pair of handmade scissors for your lifetime of sewing happiness.

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