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2018 Show Schedule                 

Don't miss your chance to meet any of the Famore brand team or the Scissors Man!


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We love meeting the amazing extended Famore family during the quilt shows. Getting to meet & fraternize with our customers, educators of all caliber, and newcomers to the needle arts industry are a great honor and joy we look forward to embracing every year.

2018 Show Schedule 
Date / Booth#

March 8th-10th

OSQE Booth #540

(OSQE) Original Sewing & Quilt Expo: 


Learn About: Famore's Atlanta Ga Event Give-a-way!

Atlanta, Ga

March 15th-17th

OSQE Booth #610

(OSQE) Original Sewing & Quilt Expo:


Learn About: Famore's Lakeland FL Event Give-a-way!

Lakeland, FL

 March 24th-26th

VDTA Booth #151

(VDTA) Vacuum & Sewing Dealers Trade Association:


      Charlotte, NC

      April 5th-7th

      OSQE Booth #331

      (OSQE) Original Sewing & Quilt Expo: 


      Learn About: Famore's Cleveland OH Event Give-a-way!

      Cleveland, OH

       April 12th-14th

      MQS Booth #124 + 125

      (MQS) Machine Quilters Exposition:


      Learn About: Famore's Big Manchester, NH Event Give-a-ways!

      Manchester, NH

      April 18th-21

      AQS Booth #1723 + 1725

      (AQS) Spring Paducah:


      Learn About: Famore's Big Paducah, KY Event Give-a-ways!

      Paducah, KY



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